Plumbing and Gas Services (All Brands):


New Installations (Residential, Commercial and Industrial)

Service and Repair: Faucets, Drains, Hose Bibs, Water Lines, Toilets, Sinks, Tub/Shower etc.

Hot Water Tank: repair or replacement, Tankless water heater repair or replacement, Water Detection Devices

Water Purification: water softener, UV filter, carbon filter, tannin removal system, chloramine removal, rust removal, RO Systems, distiller etc.

Backwater Valve installation and service, Sump Pump new installation and service 

AWWA Backflow Preventer Installation, Service and Certification

Gas Barbecues, Gas Tables, Garage Heaters, Household gas lines, Log lighters, Fireplaces etc.

Specialty Items: custom showers, rain water recover systems, waste water heaters